ATIRA Membership

Rules and Regulations:

Limited companies or Co-operative Societies, or any Statutory Corporation or Authority, or Partnership Firm which are:

1. Textile Units

Spinning units with more than 5,000 installed ring spindles or 1,250 rotors and  /or weaving units with more than 100 concentional looms or 25 shuttle less looms and / or fabric processing units with processing capacity of more than 10,000 linear meters per day or any combination of the above


Allied-Textile Units

Any factory or business connected with the production, manufacture, marketing or processing of textile products other than No. 1 and/or above raw materials, direct materials, chemicals and auxiliaries, machineries, used or employed in connection therewith, but having a minimum annul turnover of Rs. 25 lakhs.


Small Scale Textile Units

Spinning units with less than 5,000 installed ring spindles or 1,250 rotors, weaving units with less than 100 installed conventional looms or 25 Shutteless looms or processing units with less than 10,000 linear metres per day processing, or any combination or the above having an annual turnover of less than Rs. 10 Crores.


Association or Federations

Concerned with or interested in production, manufacture, marketing or processing of textile products other than in item NO. 1, and /or raw materials or chemicals and auxiliaries, instruments or machinery used or employed therewith.




Original (Ordinary) Members

Those textile mills and  other units which established ATIRA in 1947-49 having paid a one-time Capital Contribution, besides Admission Fees.  These members have voting right, and are  eligible for election as members of the Council of Administration at ATIRA.


Privileged Members

Effective 1st October 1992 a provision has been made for admitting members with voting right.  Only large organisations which pay a one-time contribution as provided hereinafter, can become Privileged Members and have the same rights as the Ordinary Members for voting and election to the Council.  Several privileges which are applicable to the Original Members also, have been introduced for the Privileged Members.


Associate Members

Those companies/units who join on paying admission fee and annual subscription and do not fall under the above two categories


For the full details of Admission Fee, Annual Subscription, Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations, Please Contact :


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