Computer Aided Textile Design Center (CATD)
Objectives :

To provide Textile Design services in the area of weaving, printing, & garmenting for the industry with the following advantages:


Tasks carried out extremely fast, accurately and at low cost.


Very easy to create new designs and copy old designs.


Multiple choices for alterations in motifs, sizes, colours etc. of designs and for woven designs also in yarn types and densities of warp and weft threads.


Fabric simulations available on monitor and on paper, thereby avoiding the need of making actual fabric samples and thus getting enormous savings in cost, time and efforts.


Designs can be sent to any place around the world within seconds for approval by buyers and for production via electronic connectivity.


A vast data bank of designs can be maintained for retrieval in future.


Maximum utilization of available fabric in garments, thereby giving substantial reduction in fabric wastage in RMG units.

Type of Services Provided :

Dobby and Jacquard Designs in graph form with Drafting & Peg Plan


Fabric simulation Printouts of woven / Print designs with Colour Matchings
*    For Print Designs, printouts for each separated color to make screens
Making Patterns and Markers and provide Plotted outputs

Consultancy services:

*    Setting up new centres
*    Helping the existing CAD units by providing guidance in resolving problems.

Training services:

*    Customised modules of training for company based needs.


*    Making the facilities available on rent for designing marker making and taking the out puts.
Contact Person:


Mrs. Vrunda Doctor

Senior Scientific Officer

ATIRA, Ahmedabad

Extension : 343

We are equipped with world's latest softwares like

Dobby designing software "PC Weave" from Colorado, France.


Dobby designing software "Texcad" from Technograph, India.


Jacquard designing module "IGOS with 3D Mapping" from Ned graphics, Netherlands.


Jacquard designing package "Cadvantage Win Jacquard" from Teckmen Systems India.


Print designing software "Jay CadTex" from Jay Instruments and Pvt. Ltd., India.


The most appreciated softwares for pattern marking, digitizing, grading, marker making and printing/plotting these, from Lectra Systems, France.


Fashion Studio” for all types of textile designing, fashion designing, 3D mapping and for making presentations from Nedgraphics, Netherlands.

Machine for Computer Aided Manufacturing:


Semi Automatic Jacquard Card Punching Machine to punch cards of 8 or 12 rows for jacquard designs for handlooms.


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