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Chemical Technology Division is one of the major division in ATIRA.  The division has good infrastructure facilities like pilot machineries like Air-flow Lotus Machine, Soft-flow machine, laboratory pad-dry machine,  laboratory padding mangle, laboratory jigger, HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine, etc., testing laboratory, test equipments like DATACOLOR Spectrophotometer for colour measurement, Kawabata set of instruments for objective evaluation of handle value of fabric.

Type of Services Provided :

  • Technical investigation of defects in fabric or garments and give the root cause for the defect after detailed scientific investigations. In some cases follow-up actions are taken at the units to solve the problems permanently.

    Consultation for rationalizing process sequences, rationalizing use of chemicals and determining the shortcomings in the processes by taking regular investigations at mills level.

    Findings of the consultancy services are discussed with mill technicians and mill management and controlled trials are taken with the help of mill technicians and cost savings, increase in productivity,  machine efficiency is proved to the satisfaction of mill management. These services are very much beneficial to the mill management and quantitative monetary advantage to the management by these consultations are very significant.

    The consultation fees charged by ATIRA are very reasonable and at times pay back for these services is as low as one month time.

    For consultation services most of the time mill managements are approaching ATIRA based on the advantages shown by technical training given by our technocrats at the mills and discussions of the mills problems which needs detailed investigations by our consultation team at mill level. Our consultation team approaches mill management with targeted problems to be dealt during consultation work. Based on these proposals work is approved by the mill management and consultation work is started.

    We have given our consultancy services to about 9-10 mills in last one year. These mills have saved in chemical cost and labour cost in the range of 1 to 5 lakhs rupees per month.

    These services are in the area of bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing of all type of fabrics.
    In all the studies it is observed that mills are consuming excessive quantity of caustic soda, i.e. in the range of 20-28 kgs against a standard norms of 8 kgs per 100 kgs of mercerisation. 

    The very high consumption of caustic used in mercerisation causes lot of pollution. The mills using large quantity of caustic need lot of acid to neutralize this caustic before discharge to the effluent treatment plant. This causes heavy load of salts in the effluent.

    The mills having zero-discharge permission from the pollution control board find it extremely difficult to remove this salt from the effluent. Disposal of these salts create big problem of disposal.

    We have number of studies to control or reduce water consumption in processing. About 25% water consumption can be reduced in processing by rationalization of processes.

  • Short term training programme for performance Improvements for supervisor, Lab Chemists / Q.A. Managers etc.
  • Kawabata Testing for objective evaluation of handle Value of fabric, heat conductivity of fabric.
  • Projects : R&D projects sponsored by MOT
  • CTD can offer consultation service for establishing grass root Denim Unit. Slasher dyeing /Rope dyeing techniques machine and process can be established. From erection of Machine to Commissioning of machine ,consultation can be provided. All the worker required from warping to finish folding can be trained by us.

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