Information Technology Centre for Textile Industry (ITCTI)
Objectives :

R&D, Consultancy and Training activities in the area of electronics/ instrumentation, retrofits and new developments.

Infrastructure : 


Group has equipped with very high-tech most modern testing instruments and developed kits/ Tools/ Software

Type of Services Provided :


Short term action oriented training Programmes for performance improvements for the engineers, Supervisors, instrument operators, SQC/ R&D staff etc.

(i)   Effective Operation of Latest Testing Instruments :

Ø   Fibre Testing Instruments : HVI & AFIS

Ø   Yarn Strength Testing Instruments : Tensojet & STATIMAT-M/ UTR-3

Ø   Yarn unevenness Testing Instruments : USTER Tester – 4 (UT-4)

Ø   Yarn Hairiness and Lint Shedding Property (Fly Generation) Testing : 
      Zweigle Hairiness Tester & C.T.T (constant Tension Transport)

Ø   Synthetic Fibre and Filament Testing : FAFEGRAPH & DYNAFIL

(ii) Preventive maintenance of instrumentation and control

(iii) Awareness of Electronics and IT Application in Textiles.

Consultancy :





For Keeping / getting the electronics spares/ maintenance manuals in stock for prolong trouble free working of the equipments/ machineries, which is vital importance to decide at the time of procurement of the machineries.

For solving the tricky problems especially in textile testing Q.C. instruments/ machineries where high-tech sophistications are involved

Electronics Auditing of Production machineries

R&D Projects :

E & IT Group under takes the R&D projects in the field of  electronics and information technology especially in the textile and its allied areas, which includes retrofits and new developments, sponsored by Govt. of India (MOT, DIT, DST), Govt. of Gujarat , and Industry

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