National Information Centre for Textile and Allied Subject (NICTAS)

NICTAS belongs to the national chain of centres set up in different subjects by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR) under the National Information System for Science and Technology (NISSAT) Scheme. The NICTAS facility has been built up as a co-operative effort of all textile research associations in India



To integrate the economic, scientific and technical information systems and services related to textile and allied subjects into an effective network

  •  With the cooperation of textile research institutions, industry,  trade and their associations, Government and other agencies and

  • Through links with similar information centres outside India


To build up a comprehensive collection of textile information from all available sources in the world with special emphasis on India.


To develop resources and to propagate information in ways appropriate to the needs of Indian users.


To create awareness amongst all user groups and to educate them in utilization of information.

Information Services Available :


Literature Search:


Off-line Database

To provide a list of documents published on specified subjects during a specified period. NICTAS has Textile Information in an abstract form starting from 1978-2002. This fast, pinpointed and low cost facility, is not available anywhere in India. Information on any aspect of TEXTILE can be searched in this database. The database contains all the published literature pertaining to textile and allied subjects.

On-line Database

On-line searching for information means to access information from Newspapers, Journals, Conference Proceedings, Books, Reports, Patents etc. stored electronically in a  a large computers. Searching for information on-line, even from remote places like Ohio or Chicago, takes far less time than an equivalent manual search. It saves time, money and manpower.

It has an access centre for informational Data Centres which enables to have global information on a various of subjects.

  • To keep track of research & Development efforts in any field of Science and Engineering.

  • To analyse products and services

  • To find out about new product entries.

  • To investigate industry trends, to know the state of the art of a particular industry or products.

  • To obtain information on new patents and the whole gamut of development in the world.


Document Procurement :

Procuring published papers, patents, standards, reports, conference proceedings, directories, etc. from National and International sources.


Translation Service :

Translation into English and Indian languages.


Referal Service :

Giving reference to other organisations which have/can supply the needed information.


Reference Services :

Answers to a various queries :

  • Names/addresses of manufacturers and suppliers in India/abroad.

  • Patents on topic/item.

  • Standards on test methods/products, etc.


Reprographic Service :

Supply of photocopies.


Content Page/s of Periodicals :

Supply of photocopies of content pages of journals received by ATIRA Library/NICTAS.


 Publications :


A quarterly periodical giving summarised information of interest to identified users’ groups in the textile and allied industries in developing countries.

The carefully designed contents of TEXINCON ensure that all users’ groups would find some information of use in some context in each issue.


  • The Apparel Industry in India
    By Ms. Ila Kantilal : Year 1990
    Price : Rs. 120 in India, US$ 15 Outside India

  • Decentralised Sector of the Indian Textile Industry
    By Dr. R. S. Gandhi, Mr. Y.C. Mehta and Mr. A.B. Talele : Year 1992
    Price : Rs. 120 in India, US$ 15 Outside India

  • Rayon Industry in India
    By Dr. B. H. Chalishazar : Year 1992
    Price : Rs. 120 in India, US$ 15 Outside India

  • Wool in Indian Textiles
    By Mr. N.P. Gupta, Mr. P.C. Patani and Dr. S. Parthsarathy : Year 1992
    Price : Rs. 160 in India, US$ 20 Outside India

  • New Horizons for Jute
    Dr. Ranganathan and Mr. Quayyum : Year 1993
    Price : Rs. 160 in India, US$ 20 Outside India

  • Rotor Spinning : Its Advantages, Limitations and Prospects in India
    By Dr. K. R. Salhotra and Dr. S. M. Isthiaque : Year 1995
    Price : Rs. 125 in India, US$ 15 Outside India

  • Modern Weaving Technologies : Quo Vadis? What is Relevant for India
    By Dr. M. K. Talukdar and Prof. D.B. Ajgaonkar : Year 1998
    Price : Rs. 160 in India, US$ 20 Outside India


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