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Target Sectors / areas under CoE







  • Most efficient

  • Green

  • Reliable

Technologies and innovations are fruit bearing for today's demands and their future.

Components /Parts of railways coaches of Railway and Metro coaches - to be produced by Mechanized technology


Composites are able to:

  • Meet stringent requirements and conformance

  • Aesthetics

  • Ergonomic designs and validations

  • Special features

  • Low life cycle cost

  • Longer life

  • Easy to manufacture

  • Light weights

  • More permutations and combinations to meet requirements

Europe and Eurasia  : Composites are use for past 25 years in tail industry. Success rate is high in all implemented projects

Asia : Japan, Korea and other eastern and south Asian countries use composites.

India has begun using composites materials such as FRP and honeycombs based on FRP and Aluminum.

36 cities identified  to implement Metro in India in next 20 years and is expected to grow more.


Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Products used in Railway

  • Inside the coach : Side walls /Window panels. Door pillars, End walls, Electrical cubicles and doors, partition walls, Ceiling panels, Floor panels, Seats and Berths

  • Driver's Cabin : Desk, Interior, Cubicles, Partitions

  • Exteriors :Front Mask, Front end with structural build up, exterior panels like end fairings, roof panels

Current figures for Metro Rail


3rd phase of under bidding


1st phase  is already started building trains

Bengaluru, Mumbai

1st phase  are in operation

Kolkata, Hyderabad

1st phase is under way


1st phase Tenders are getting prepared

Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur

1st phase about to start

For this  1st phase of cities estimated volume of FRP business in the next 5 years is approx Rs. 1500 crores


Work on conceptualization of these prototpes, are in progress