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To create a Centre of Excellence (COE) for development of advanced composites applications through advanced process in order to achieve weight reduction, high mechanical properties and cost competitiveness. And enhance the knowledge base in composites through research, development and training

About Composites

Composite materials are engineered material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties which remain separate and distinct on a macroscopic level within the finished structure.


Fiber-reinforced composite materials can be divided into two main categories normally referred to as short fiber-reinforced materials and continuous fiber-reinforced materials. Non-crimped Fabrics - NCF is a continuous fiber style which is made up of one or more layers of unbent fibres. They give free choice for fiber orientation. The advantages of NCFs are since the fibers are non-crimped they have highest possible mechanical properties.  Multiple layers are possible leading to fewer layers in laminate sequence hence cost saving. The fiber content is high which results in better quality of the manufactured part, resin saving and ultimately cost-saving.


Fiber-reinforced composites have many advantages like they are light weight, non-flammable, high mechanical strength, corrosion and chemical resistant,, easy to shape, they have dimensional stability, they give super aesthetics, easy to repair etc.


The wind industry is the largest user of composites today in India. There is a huge potential and literally a virgin market waiting for advanced composites in India especially in Automotive, Marine, Aeronautical and General applications who are quite reluctant to change from traditional metal to composites due to lack of awareness and limitations of the product and process availability in India. Once the product and process are made available these markets can be tapped very easily for which a huge amount of customer awareness educational programs have to be conducted through extensive training. The COE is aiming at creating an awareness for composites in India.