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Prototypes  to be developed

  1. FRP based supporting structure for Water tank for Water supply in Colony for quick installation

  2. Military / Refugee Tents having 5 to 70 C less temperature inside

  3. FRP based Pedestrian bridge on rivers

  4. High speed light weight FRP based boat for costal guard

  5. FRP based  fishing boat for better fuel efficiency and eco friendliness

  6. Coated textile shield cover for improving crops yield especially  Tomato, Rose, Pomegranate

  7. FRP based low cost Modular  Houses (3 Floors) for quick installation - A possible residence solution for slum dwellers

  8. Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) as Canal Lining


Canal Lining

Military / Refugee Tents having 5 to 70 c less temperature inside

Funds for making these prototypes are being organised from Government of India

Light weight Solar operated Dobby - to improve living  standard of Artisans

Project Submitted to Ministry of Textiles, Government of India for funding
Budget Cost : Rs. 28.3 lakhs

Solar operated Dobby loom to weave fine quality fabric through light weight and eco-friendly looms by replacing wood/metal parts by composite materials and attach them to solar power operated micro-controller based dobby selection system

Current Income range : Rs.240/meter to Rs. 450/meter

Earning by weaving fine fabric : Rs. 1500/meter


Advantages :

  • Vibration are reduced due to light weight mechanisms

  • Artisans can weave in idle time

  • Improves working condition of Artisans : Comfortable environment  - better Output

  • Improve earnings significantly

  • Help to create brand India of fine Khadi

Additionally Artisans can be provided with a Hybrid system (Solar cum Wind) for electricity and water pumping)