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Certificate course on Composite manufacturing with emphasis on Pultrusion :


Pultrusion is a continuous process for manufacturing of Composite materials with constant cross-section. Reinforced fibers are pulled through a resin, possibly followed by a separate pre-forming system, and into a heated die, where the resin undergoes polymerization. Many resin types may be used in pultrusion including Polyester, Phenolics, Polyurethane, Vinylester and Epoxy


Pre-requisite : ITI /Diploma - Mechanical/Textile/Plastic/Civil


Duration : 2 Months




Introduction to composites, history/growth-world & India composites Industry, Products details, Different types of Reinforcements/Resins/Cores/Prepregs/preforms/other chemicals, Demonstration of different materials, Composites processing (PMC) & its techniques Introduction Theory, Hand lay-up theory & practical, theory of Vacuum Bag, Infusion, compression molding & advanced composites manufacturing techniques. Pultrusion manufacturing theory & practical, Do's & Don'ts of Pultrusion process, Troubleshooting of the process, Tool/die maintenance guidelines, Composites finishing/Coating/outside coloring Process theory & practical, Composites defects Repair theory & Practical, Composites joining/assembly/storage/transportation Theory & practical, Composites testing theory & practical, Housekeeping & safety in composite industry.


Uniqueness of courses:

  • This course will be more practical oriented (50-70% hands on training).

  • Training on Systems like Polyurethane injection, Circ winding, RF heater,

  • Pul-vision make the training more advanced & unique in India.

  • Curriculum is as per the requirements of industry.

  • ATIRA has the placement links with industry.

  • USA based machine manufacturer will conduct the training of trainers.

  • Certification by Centre of Excellence for Composites at ATIRA.