Value added services provided by ATIRA

Chemical Technology Division (CTD)



Chemical Technology Division (CTD)
  Yarn/ Fabric/ Garment Defect Analysis- Root-Cause Analysis and Problem Solving
Technical investigation of defects in  :
 - yarn/ fabric or garments and identifying root cause of the defect 
Remedial measures and follow-up visits :
 - at the units to solve the problems permanently
 Chemical Testing and Process/ Product Evaluation 
  • Dyes, Chemicals and Auxiliaries used in processing
    - Sizing Agent, Binder, Comparative strength of dyes, Detergent powder/ cakes,  Wetting agent, Caustic soda,  Purity of Sodium Sulphide, Hydro, Common salt, Indigo, Performance of OBA etc.

  • Spectrophotometric Evaluation 
    - Fibre, Yarn, Fabric, Paper, Composite material, Colours

  • Processing Performance
    - Desizing, Scouring, Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing

  • Kawabata Evaluation
    - Thermal Insulation Value of fabric

  Technical Consultancy in Chemical Processing 

  • Reduce consumption of caustic to 
    - bring down costs 
    - reduce load on Effluent Treatment Plant 
    - reduce Environmental Pollution 

  • Detailed study of processes like bleaching, mercerisation, dyeing, printing and finishing to 
    - reduce chemical consumption
    - reduce wastage
    - improve performance

  • Short-term consultation of 1-3 days 
    - for trouble-shooting of specific problems faced by mill 

  • Technical Services 
    - to establish new Denim Plants

 Training in Textile Chemical Processing

  • Tailor made short term training programmes for Performance improvements 
    - designed for shop-floor personnel,  Lab technicians, Quality/R&D managers, New Entrepreneurs and Students.

  • Introduction to 
    -Textile Fibres, Spinning, Warping, Sizing, Weaving, Desizing, Scouring, Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing, Garment Manufacturing and Garment Processing

  • Textile chemical processing
    - Objectives, Processing conditions, Process control measures, Analysis of defects

For details contact : 

Telephone +91 79 2630 7921-22-23,; +91 79 2630 5132: Ext. no. 358


Calibration Laboratory (NABL Accredited laboratory)

NABL accreditation, valid up to 18/03/2017 vide Certificate No.

Calibration Service carried out 
- at laboratory and on-site

Calibration/Testing services offered to the various industrial segments for different parameter based instruments/equipments:

  • Textile and allied Units, Machinery and Accessories Manufacturers 
  • Chemical units, Pharmaceutical Industry, Clinical Research Organizations, Hospitals, Pathological Laboratories
  • Dairy, Food and Paint Industry, -Research and Development Organizations, Space Applications Center
  • Oil & Natural Gas Units 
  • Laboratories of Gujarat Pollution Control Board in Gujarat 

  • Calibration and Testing Laboratories

  • Coke Industries, etc.

  • Testing instruments suppliers and Traders

  • NABL accredited Laboratories at ATIRA 
    - Textile Testing, Chemical Textile/ Analytical Testing
    - Air Sampling and Testing, Composite, Heat and Flame Testing

Calibration includes various parameter based instruments/ artifacts such as :
- Dimension, Pressure & vacuum, Acoustic, Mass metrology - Weighing balance and  Weights, Volume, Density, Speed, Temperature, Humidity, Electro-Technical and Time

For details contact :

Telephone : +91 79 2630 7921-22-23, +91 79 2630 5132: Ext. no. 384 
e-mail :